Most of our artwork is available from the artist's studio within 24 hours, and our ever-expanding warehoused art is available for immediate rental. If an original artwork is not available, we can usually make high-resolution prints on canvas or paper. We also provide simple black, white or natural light wood frames for our prints, with or without mats, in the following sizes: 28.5x20.5, 20.5x16.5, and 20.75x20.75.

Warehoused work available for immediate RUSH rental
Please note that we have frames available for use for many of our photographs that may not be listed in this category
sparse, reductionist landscapes reminiscent of Diebenkorn and the Bay Area Figurative Movement
works in many different materials which often involve casting and mold-making that reveal the subliminal in the everyday object and examine issues of commodification
whimsical watercolors and drawings of brownstone brooklyn and nyc landmarks
ethereal and atmospheric abstract paintings and other-worldly kaleidoscopic images in a range of sizes
medium and large format sinuous abstracts that play with line and color
black & white, and color photography of NYC, other cities & industrial landscapes in both contemporary and early photography styles
seascape photograpy of engrossing color and texture
small, medium and large-scale colorful, manipulated archival inkjet prints on canvas
ink and watercolor portraits of people, dogs and pigeons in a muted palette
medium to very large scale wood & metal sinuous and rhythmic sculptures
light-hearted dreamscapes, often featuring animals, architecture and whimsical abstract forms. painting and collage on mylar, paper and canvas.
bold graphic paintings with a modernist edge. strong black, white and red tones that pop and transfix.
small to medium sized paintings of abstract forms as well as a series of impressionist bridges
medium sized colorful oil paintings of close-up cropped images which distort the representational
realist, often panoramic, urban and industrial Brooklyn landscapes in a muted pallete
color and grayscale portrait, nature & still-life watercolors
medium and large format abstract expressionist paintings and drawings
industrial and natural panoramic black and white photographs of landscapes and seascapes
medium and large format richly painted and often blurred landscapes both bucolic and dystopian
misty, atmospheric landscape paintings
bold and blocky colorful prints that incorporate elements of pattern, calligraphy and graffiti
photo-realistic oil paintings of NYC streetscapes
large scale colorful oil paintings of quirky americana
large & medium format pop-inflected, linear and refracted portraits and figurative oil paintings
black & white, color toy camera and panoramic photography of urban, natural and industrial landscapes
medium & large sinuous wood, marble & stone sculptures
haunting black & white and sepia toned photographs of dramatically posed figures.
complex geometric paintings with richly hued highlights. these works evoke fractured interior and exterior spaces in the urban landscape.
collage and graphic prints exploring the African-American experience
edgy, naturalistic color photography
black and white pinhole photography of seascapes and nyc bridges and landmarks
secret hawaii and other magical places in color and black & white photography
calming minimalist abstracts and minimalist abstract landscape paintings in acrylic or ink from very small to very large sizes
Serene colorful gouaches with elemental forms
medium and large scale oil and watercolor portraits of the artist and alter-egos with elegant lines and color
small and large scale off-beat pen and ink drawings evocative of R. Crumb and tongue-in-cheek oil paintings of the mundane and profane
black and white photography exploring movement, nature and ruins; color photography of ironically patriotic american signage
muted color photography of industrial landscapes and nature
psychologically charged medium and large scale oil paintings on satin which bridge the gap between representation and abstraction
medium and large-scale figurative oil paintings and drawings many of which probe the African-American and multiracial experience
digitally manipulated kaleidoscopic architectural photography
large format pixellated grayscale portraits that evoke pop art
color and black & white photography which explore the feminine, natural, and urban environments
bold mixed media modernistic geometrical and symmetrical shapes and patterns painted in a limited palette of black, white, red, blue & yellow on paper from dictionaries.
small, medium and large format abstract paintings in a range of evolving styles
haunting photo realism, subtle and deceptively straightforward
classical figurative and landscape oil paintings
bold small & medium format abstracts which explore the use of lines, stripes, graffiti & gesture
medium and large format sinuous abstract paintings
cinematic & sequential, image-based paintings ranging from small to large scale
color and black & white photography of the natural & urban environments
medium and large scale pattern abstraction
color and black & white street art that reverberates with energy
black & white, and color photography that captures the calm in the frenetic worlds of New York City, India and childhood.
bold & colorful layered small, medium and large format abstract paintings that morph and reflect our kinetic urban environment
vivid, intimate portraits of people, animals and corsets. available for print-to-size only.
abstract to loosely figurative medium and large format paintings
abstract modernist large and medium sized paintings
bold, colorful modernist abstract medium and large format paintings
textured, tonal and subtle abstracts in medium and large formats
medium & large format abstract expressionist paintings
sexy faded nostalgic color photography of surfing, nature, and models
freestanding & ceiling hung sculpture incorporating metal, wood, holographic paint and other materials
colorful venetian chandeliers, rococco jewelry and christmas trees shape-shift between identity and abstraction in a range of formats
small and large format abstract organic forms mostly neutral earth tones some feature bright colors soft and hard forms and line quality
original organic form colored resin and bronze sculptures
freestanding, hanging and relief sculpture that use bent wire and wood from small scale to very large
large, medium, and small scale mixed media, earth tone images of south african themes and sensual, photorealistic portraits
freestanding and relief sculpture from found objects from small to enormous installation sized
melancholy and beautiful post-industrial scenes. medium to large scale paintings.
smaller-sized modernist marble sculptures
medium and large format color fields
whimsical figurative watercolors and gouaches
large and medium format color and monochromatic abstracts with beautiful line quality and well-balanced color and geometric form abstracts
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